Pastels - the essence of delicacy, subtlety and elegance. – Yarn4You UK

Pastels - the essence of delicacy, subtlety and elegance.

Pastel colours tend to be less saturated and contain less grey than others.


They have many admirers due to their soothing and easy-on-the-eye appearance. As a result, these colours are often associated with calming and peaceful feelings. When combined with other romantic imagery, pastel shades can also inspire feelings of romance.


Pastel colours are often linked with spring. After all, spring flowers always come in pastel shades. Furthermore, what is most commonly associated with spring? An optimistic feeling of new beginnings and happiness.
The topic of pastels is incomplete without mention of babies. Colours like pale blue, pink, and yellow dominate baby rooms and nurseries around the world. When you use those colours in your designs, people tend to immediately link them with babies.
It is no surprise that our customers prefer soft shades that evoke hope, dreams, and elegance.
That is why we created our pastel collection with them in mind.
Visit Our Online Shop and Enjoy with our Pastel Yarn Cake… or Six!
And watch this space as more is going to come.

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